• Movement : Basic commands for moving your character.
  • Guard, Evade : Included in movement, but recommended to use only when guarding or evading.
  • Attack : Character’s basic attack method.
  • Special Attack : Special requirements need to be met to be used.
Master basic commands before moving on to more advanced ones.
How to Win
The Goal of Offense
  • Using Skills
    Don’t forget that skill use varies depending on the directional inputs.
    For example, when at a distance from your opponent use → + Skill,
    when the opponent is approaching with an attack or jump use ↓ + Skill,
    when attacking after predicting the opponent’s next move use ← + Skill.
    It is important to choose the appropriate skills depending on the actions of your opponent.
  • Guard Pressure
    Make it difficult for your opponent to maintain their guard with White Damage and Guard Gauge consumption, as well as with grabs.
  • Combos
    Start by using simple combos that you are sure of landing.
    It is normal for the advanced level combos found in Practice Mode to have a very low success rate.
  • Awakening Move
    Awakening moves connect with any skill as long as the distance is viable.
    Rather than using it standalone, use it after landing an attack to connect your moves.
The Goal of Defense
  • Avoid being Cornered
    When guarding it is easy to become cornered,
    but it is important to try not to get cornered from the beginning.
    When cornered, try to escape the situation as quickly as possible.
  • Always plan for how to retreat when on the defense
    Guard cannot be maintained indefinitely, and at one point must be released.
    Try to predict your opponent’s attack and perform a forward roll, jump, guard cancel, ↓ + Skill, etc. to escape the situation.
    Do not be afraid of predicting incorrectly and being hit,
    as it is more dangerous to hold your guard.
  • Guard after Automatically Landing
    If you press an attack skill by accident while landing from the air,
    invulnerability will be lifted, and you will not be able to evade an incoming counter attack.
  • Time your Jumps Wisely
    You cannot guard while jumping, which puts you in a situation where you are at risk of losing much HP.
Strategy depending on Gauge Status
Your gauge as well as your opponent’s gauge status can be an important standard when determining a strategy!
  • If you have lots of White Damage…
    - You may want to wait until your White Damage has recovered completely before lunging for an attack!
  • If your opponent has lots of White Damage…
    - Use MP Skills to deplete their White Damage before they have the chance to recover!
    - Alternatively, you can aim to increase their White Damage for additional pressure.
  • If you are running low on MP…
    - Hold out until your MP recovers completely.
    - Or further pressure your opponent by using an MP skill that uses more MP than you have remaining.
  • If your opponent is low on MP…
    - You can attack with confidence as your opponent is unlikely to perform risky moves.
  • When Awakened…
    - Keep the Awakening effect passive for as long as possible without using the Awakening move.
    - Or if your opponent does not have much HP, use the Awakening move as quickly as possible.
The Path to Becoming a Master 1
You can ask on forums, wikis, and so on, but the most recommended method is to find and reference videos of the instance.
For example, if you are curious of how to overcome certain skills of the Inquisitor,
search for Ranger VS Inquisitor videos to study what each player does in such situations.
Rather than watching a great number of videos, focus on learning precise new methods for dealing with specific situations!
The Path to Becoming a Master 2
Many people may think that fighting game masters have unique physical capabilities.
Of course, they may have faster hands than the average person,
but if you give them the handicap of not using combos you may see that they still outperform many players.
The reason for this is because masters are very precise in their predictions.
Thus, real strength comes from the ability to correctly predict their opponent’s next move.
When masters are able to block all of your moves, they are most likely predicting your actions,
not reacting after seeing your actions.
Sometimes the goal is to execute an advanced combo,
but predicting your opponent’s actions and knowing what to do based on your predictions is very important as well.