Block / Evade Controls
Jump or or Jump upwards to evade opponent attacks.
Cannot guard while jumping.
Crouch or or Crouch.
Cannot guard while crouching.
Guard R2 Guard can be used without directional button inputs.
Use it to quickly guard an opponent attack.

Controls can be customized and mapped in Options.

Input the directional button opposite to your opponent to guard an attack!




Guard Button

Crouching Guard



+ Guard Button
Normal Attacks Most normal and MP attacks
that are used while standing.
Can be Guarded Can be Guarded
Mid Attacks Most jump attacks and attacks
performed during a jump.
Can be Guarded Cannot be Guarded
Lower Attacks Most sweeping attacks and attacks
performed during a crouch.
Cannot be Guarded Can be Guarded

Using guard will deplete your Guard Gauge.
When the gauge reaches 0, guard will be temporarily
released and thus infinite guarding is not possible.
When guarding, it is important to find a window
for counterattacking or evading.

  • Jump towards upper left side

  • Jump in place

  • Jump towards upper right side


If you can predict your opponent’s next action, jump or roll forwards and evade their attack and counterattack.

However, guard cannot be used while jumping or rolling.
If you predict incorrectly, you may be in danger of being attacked. Use jump and roll moves with caution!

  • When opponent is on the left
    + Button
  • Roll towards opponent
  • When opponent is on the right
    + Button
During guard, you can opt to use 100 MP to unleash a powerful counter attack.
The damage is low, but your opponent will be pushed far back. Make sure to use it only when necessary as it can only be used when MP is 100 or higher.
  • During Guard + + Button

    Guard Cancel

  • Guard Cancel means to ‘cancel guard and counterattack immediately’.
    Guard Cancels can be compared to bombs in shooting games;
    the number of times it can be used is limited, but it allows the user to escape a dangerous situation.
  • Use Guard Cancel when in proximity to your opponent!
    Heed caution when there are installed air-bound attacks.
    Just like in shooting games, mishandling a bomb can be self-detrimental.