Move to Left Hold to move to the left.
Quickly press twice to dash to the left.
Move to Right Hold to move to the right.
Quickly press twice to dash to the right.
The Importance of Distance
It is best to maintain distance based on the optimal attack range of your character.
  • Common Distance
    Berserker, Vanguard, Troubleshooter, Hitman, Ghostblade, Inquisitor, Kunoichi, Crusader

    Performs adequately at most distances. Try not to remain out of range for a long time.

  • Long Distance
    Launcher, Ranger

    Long-range characters have the advantage of attacking from afar. However, the advantage is reduced the closer you approach your opponent.

  • Short Distance
    Striker, Grappler

    Short-range characters are always vulnerable unless in proximity with their opponent, making them ideal for more experienced users.

  • Distance Exception
    Dragon Knight, Enchantress, Swift Master, The Lost Warrior

    Some characters are not locked to a specific range due to their special abilities.