An unstoppable thug who will do anything
to win a fight

There was always fighting for sport in the alleys of a gutter.
No-holds-barred fighting.

Ruthless competition in which the loser usually pays with his life; or an arm or leg,
if they're lucky...
Although it was clearly illegal, alley fighting became more popular
as the world became more chaotic.
Eventually, it became so widespread that even the government could not interfere.

A male fighter who is known as Brawler had his beginning as a wagering fighter
in the very same alley.
And it didn't take him long to become the ultimate survivor of the game.

Brawler is extremely cunning, nasty, and just cruel
and he'd just do whatever he can to fight and win.
Not only is he used to no-holds-barred fighting, he enjoys it.
The only thing you can do when you run into him is to run for your life.